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 Comment Period:  10 July to 10 August 2018

New Environmental Impact Report

Appendix A Alpha Location and Topo

Appendix B Biodiversity Overlays

Appendix C Photographic Plates

Appendix D Alpha Solar Facility Layout Plans

Appendix E: Specialist & Technical Reports

Appendix E1 Ecology Impact Assessment 

Appendix E2 Agricultural Impact Assessment

Appendix E3 Archaeological Impact Assessment

Appendix E4 Palaeontology Desktop Study

Appendix E5 Integrated Heritage Impact Assessment 

Appendix E6 Engineering Input

Appendix E7 Visual Impact Assessment Report

Appendix E8 Avifaunal Impact Assessment 

Appendix E9 Planning Statement

Appendix E10 Traffic Assessment

Appendix E11 Stormwater Management Plan

Appendix E12 Social Impact Assessment 

Appendix E13 Freshwater Impact Assessment

Appendix E14 Path Loss Study

Appendix E15 Detailed EMI RFI Assessment

Appendix F: Public Participation

Appendix F1 I&AP Register 

Appendix F2 Comments and Responses Report

Appendix F3 Adverts and Site Notice

Appendix F4 Pre-App Scoping Notifications

Appendix F5 Pre-App Scoping Comments and Responses

Appendix F6 Draft Scoping Notifications

Appendix F7 Draft Scoping Comments and Responses

Appendix F8 Draft EIR Notifications

Appendix F9 Draft EIR Comments

Appendix F10 Revised EIR Notifications

Appendix F11 Revised EIR Comments and Responses

Appendix F12 Refusal of EA - I&AP Notification

Appendix F13 Notifications of Appeal to I&APs

Appendix F14: Not Required

Appendix F15 New Application - I&AP Notification

Appendix F16 New EIR - I&AP Notification

Appendix G: Other Information

Appendix G1 Correspondence with Authorities

Appendix G2 Minutes of Pre-Application Meeting with DEA

Appendix G3 Landowner Consent

Appendix G4 EAP Declaration and CV

Appendix G5 Specialist Declarations

Appendix G6 Title Deeds

Appendix G7  Site Selection Matrix

Appendix G8 Confirmation of Availability of Services

Appendix G9 Correspondence with SKA

Appendix H Environmental Management Programme


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