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Comment Period: 13 May to 13 June 2022


 Draft Basic Assessment Report

  • Appendix A:  Location, Topographical Plans
  • Appendix B:  Biodiversity Overlays
  • Appendix C:  Site Photographs
  • Appendix D:  Solar Facility Layout Plans
  • Appendix E:  Supplementary Reports (Specialist Reports and Technical Reports)
    • Annexure E1:  Terrestrial Biodiversity Assessment 
    • Annexure E2:  Aquatic Biodiversity Assessment 
    • Annexure E3:  Avifaunal Impact Assessment
    • Annexure E4:  Agricultural Impact Assessment Report
    • Annexure E5:  Heritage Impact Assessment Report
    • Annexure E6:  Palaeontology Impact Assessment 
    • Annexure E7:  Visual Impact Assessment 
    • Annexure E8:  Social Impact Assessment
    • Annexure E9:  Technical Layout Design Report 
    • Annexure E10:  Site Selection Motivation Report 
    • Annexure E11:  Traffic Impact Assessment 
    • Annexure E12:  Stormwater Management Plan
  • Appendix F:  Public Participation Process
    • Annexure F1:  I&AP Register
    •  Annexure F2:  Comments and Response Report (to be included with final BAR)
    •  Annexure F3:  Adverts & Site Notices (to be included in the Final BAR)
    •  Annexure F4:  Draft BAR Notifications (to be included with final BAR)
    • Annexure F5:  Draft BAR Comments and Responses (to be included with Final BAR)
  • Appendix G:  Other Information
    • Annexure G1:  Correspondence with Authorities
    • Annexure G2:  Landowner Consent
    • Annexure G3:  EAP Declaration & CV
    • Annexure G4:  Specialist Declarations
    • Annexure G5:  Title Deed / Windeed Report
    • Annexure G6:  Specialist CV’s
  • Appendix H:  Environmental Management Programme
  • Appendix I:  DFFE Screening Tool
  • Appendix J: Minutes of Pre-Application Meeting


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